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June 26, 2011, 7:06am Report to Moderator

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It is with great regret and sadness that I post the passing of Mountain Bill.  The only information I have is that he was on his bike and someone turned in front of him.   As information is known it will be posted.

Please keep his family in your prayers!

(I believe Bill served; if correct, please ask Matter to move this thread to Region 7.)

In Memory of Daddy, Uncle Roy, Uncle Earl, Uncle Stan, Stretch, Al, Joe, Jake, Steve, Eddie & Kat
In honor of Capt. Walter Sigafoos and ADJ3 Paul Moser - still missing

"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are at peace."  Author unknown
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June 26, 2011, 7:11am Report to Moderator

Gazeebo Team
I ride for the mission
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Rest in peace Bill. Prayers going out for him and his family.

An American Soldier is someone who, at some point in their life, wrote out a check, payable"to the United States of America" for the sum total of up to and including my life." We as citizens of those same United States owe them no less than unconditional support.

"Love is the feelin you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle."
~Sonny Barger

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June 26, 2011, 7:15am Report to Moderator

Be Happy Laugh Often!
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Rest in Peace Brother,  Our Thoughts and Prayers are with his family and friends.

If your not having FUN it's your own fault
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June 26, 2011, 7:39am Report to Moderator

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my prayers and thoughts go to his family. I was truly honored to be able to help greet his son when he came home. Mountain Bill was very sweet to me as it was the first mission i had ever done alone as there was another one right before it. RIP .

Everyday a Soldier puts their life on the line so that I shall remain free, for this I will do whatever is necessary to make sure they have whatever they need.
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June 26, 2011, 7:44am Report to Moderator

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I became instantly sick from hearing about this.

Please let me know any further details that become available.

The only positive thing I can think of, is that I can always use another angel to watch over me. And I know Bill will do a great job of that for all of us.

Bill, you will be missed.


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" --George Santayana

"[T]he willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by our nation." --George Washington
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June 26, 2011, 8:00am Report to Moderator

Me and My Heroes
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R.I.P Biggin- glad we got to share a few short minutes , a handshake and a hug yesterday.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to 'Mountains'  family and friends.

Pride, honor and integrity live here
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June 26, 2011, 8:02am Report to Moderator

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RIP Mountain Bill
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June 26, 2011, 8:15am Report to Moderator

Support Your local Second Brigade MC
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June 26, 2011, 8:19am Report to Moderator

Region 2 Coordinator
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Terrible news.. On behalf of all of N. Illinois WWR, I offer my and our condolences... Mountain Bill's mission continues now in Region 7 with the other members who greeted him already..  Ride on Mountain Bill.  While we never met, I already miss him.


"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Thomas Paine

Riding in Memory of JonD, Proud Parent (Deb), Mike, Irish, Kat, RCRON, Wheelmaster & Chicago Jim.
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June 26, 2011, 8:42am Report to Moderator

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R.I.P Mountain Bill you will be missed but NEVER forgotten,
Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends
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June 26, 2011, 11:48am Report to Moderator

U.S. Navy 87-89; Cold War Veteran, Former FF/Disp
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Rest in Peace Mountain Bill

In Honor of Kathryn M. Fialkowski,

In Honor of  My Father, C. E. Stilwell
Chief US Navy Retired RIP  
WWII, Korea, Cold War Veteran

In Honor of my Brother Thomas E. Stilwell
FA US Navy Vet RIP
Viet Nam Era Veteran

In Horor of My Sister in Law
SFC Sara E. Stilwell
US Army Vet RIP
Cold War Veteran

In Honor of the 343 FDNY "Smoke Eaters"
RIP Brothers
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June 26, 2011, 12:54pm Report to Moderator

WWR Coordinator
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RIP Mountain Bill, you have earned your angel wings.

     Now and Always Our Hero's

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June 26, 2011, 1:18pm Report to Moderator

National Level Members
National Level Admin
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even though we never met we are all family and i and sad to hear the news of you passing...R.I.P and to your friends and family you all are in my thoughts and prayers

MaMa Kat
I feel a warmth around me
like your presence is so near,
And I close my eyes to visualize
your face when you were here,
I adore the times we spent together
and they are locked inside my heart,
For as long as I have those memories
we will never be apart,
Even though we cannot speak no more
my voice is always there,
Because every night before I sleep
I have you in my prayer.

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June 26, 2011, 4:07pm Report to Moderator

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I can't believe this. When Mama Jane told me he was in an accident and hurt pretty bad, I thought anything that hits this Mountain of a man had to get the worst of it. Just shows that you can never let your guard down. I'll miss you Bill and the rides we shared will always stand out in my mind and will bring fond memories of you. Condolences to family and friends of this great guy. You will never be forgotten my friend.


Founding Member WWR
South Jersey Original

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GO ARMY Robert Smith
June 26, 2011, 5:14pm Report to Moderator

WWR Coordinator
Regional Coordinator Region 3
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Our prayers are being sent to the family
and friends of Bill.

Robert L. Smith, Jr.

In honor of my Brother, Jon Dreymann and my Sister Deb.
The moon gives you light,��
And the bugles and the drums give you music;��
And my heart, O my soldiers, my veterans,��
My heart gives you love.

Walt Whitman-Drum Taps

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